ASA Award Nominations – January 31

Honor our colleague’s achievements to the entire association and discipline and consider nominating someone for an ASA Award.

The following is a list of ASA awards and a link to the nomination call:

 Learn more about ASA’s Awards at


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ASA Professional Development Webinar

ASA is excited to announce the first in a series of professional development webinars. Please join us on January 16, 3 PM EST/NOON PST to talk with Dr. Tanya Golash-Boza about strategies you can use to increase your creativity and productivity. The webinar is free for ASA members. Click here to learn more and to register.   

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Call for Proposals to Host Annual Section Conference in 2020

Would your university like to host a future ASA Sociology of Development Section Annual Conference?  If so, please send a short (2-5 page, single spaced) proposal that includes the following information to Jennifer Hsu ( before December 31, 2018:

1. Leadership

2. Dates

3. Location and venue: Description of facilities and interesting development-related aspects of the location

4. Sponsoring organization(s)

5. Theme and format

6. Resources (please indicate which if any are secured at this time): Organizational; Facilities; Financial

 Last three annual conferences were held at the University of Illinois (2018), Wayne State University (2017) and Cornell University (2016).

Please contact Jennifer Hsu, secretary-treasurer, with any questions:

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Vacancy: Sociology of Development Section Webmaster

We are looking for a new webmaster for the section.  It is a great way to get involved in the section and is a three year appointment lasting until 2021. If you are interested, you will be fully trained.  Please contact the current webmaster, Molly Cook ( and Secretary-Treasurer, Jennifer Hsu ( if you are interested! Deadline for application is December 31, 2018.

Duties tend to take no more than one hour per week:

– It is a three-year appointed position. If you take on the role, you would be expected to serve from 2018-2021.

– Your name and professional email would be listed on ASA as an authorized Section Webpage Editor, and on our Section Website as the person to contact with requested updates.

– You will manage all aspects of the website, which is hosted on the WordPress platform.

– You will also manage the Section’s Facebook and Twitter account, which is integrated with WordPress.

– You do not need to know coding to navigate WordPress. It is fairly user friendly, but there will be a minor learning curve. The new webmaster we be provided with a document that outlines key responsibilities and basic functions and assists with the transition by answering questions as you become familiarized with the system.

– We may be expanding website functions in the next year or two, but in cases where significant labor may be required (ie. major updates to Section resources), we would seek volunteers to compile information for you to upload. You would not be expected to compile the resources yourself.

– Finally, it is critical that website information is professional, accurate, and meets ASA standards. For example, listserv announcements are posted on the front-page website blog, but no job announcements are posted as that would violate ASA policy.

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Vacancy: Sectors Newsletter Editor (2019-2021)

We are seeking a new co-editor of our section newsletter, Sectors. This is a great opportunity for a junior scholar to become involved with the section and network with other individuals in our subfield. The newsletter is published semi-annually (in the fall and spring semesters) and includes Council and section news, feature stories, calls for papers and other opportunities in the field, and the section’s official reports. Sectors is e-mailed to all current section members through the listserv and posted on the section’s website.

The co-editor will have a two-year term from August 2019 to July 2021. During the first year (2019-2020), the new editor will work in a team with one of the current co-editors. During the second year (2020-2021), they will continue working with a new co-editor selected in 2020. Both co-editors will work collaboratively to shape the content and formatting of the newsletter. They will seek out and develop original content for the newsletter and maintain regular features.

The Section Council will select the co-editor from all interested parties, and the co-editor will report to the Council regularly (during council meetings). The co-editor will work closely with the Chair and the Secretary-Treasurer of the Section.


• Member of the Sociology of Development Section;

• Strong organizational skills, including ability to meet deadlines;

• Strong written communication skills;

• Strong MS Word and Acrobat Reader skills

• Graduate students are welcome and encouraged to apply.

 Application consists of:

• a one-page statement of interest, qualifications, and ideas for the newsletter

• a one-page CV 

Please submit applications to: by December 31, 2018. Applicants will hear back by the end of the Spring 2019 term.

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Preconference Title: Social Science and Social Justice: Global Health Research 40 Years since the Start of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Organizers: Sociologists’ AIDS Network and the Global Health and Development Interest Group

Where: New York City, NY

When: August 9, 2019 (one day before the ASA meetings)

Theme: The HIV/AIDS epidemic has yielded the largest global response to any illness in history and offers an important lens through which to examine a range of issues related to health inequity more broadly. Early in the HIV epidemic, activism both at home and abroad played a major role in drawing attention to the desperate need for government action, with important actions taking place in New York City. Battles regarding stigma and marginalization, access to expensive therapies, and community mobilizing for action played out in settings across the globe, even as dramatic changes to the global health landscape occurred. During this period, governmental, international and non-governmental organizations made substantial economic, political, and policy commitments to improving access to healthcare and medicine, with many of these new targets institutionalized in the Sustainable Development Goals. Although progress has been made on many fronts in both HIV and global health, old challenges remain and new ones loom on the horizon, like the rise of non-infectious diseases in the developing world and the population health impacts of climate change.

Both within the US and globally, enormous disparities exist with regard to access to health care, how programs and policies are implemented, and who lives and dies. These inequities, rooted in racism, sexism, homophobia, economic injustice, and global power structures, are inextricably linked to the social organization of societies, institutions, politics, and power. In lieu of this, and as some governments have started to back away from their promises and curtail health funding, these challenges require a response that is oriented towards social justice and informed by sociology.

This year’s Annual Meeting theme “Engaging Social Justice for a Better World” presents a critical opportunity to examine the contributions sociologists have made to research on HIV and the field of global health more broadly, as well as what contributions remain to be made. Further, it raises the question of how we can ensure that our research, programs, policies and medical advances support health equity, rather than contribute to increasing disparities, particularly during a time when both scientific evidence and government funding for research are under threat. To address these questions, this mini-conference will bring together scholars of HIV, global health and development to stimulate discussion around the role of social justice in health research and what makes sociologists uniquely positioned to tackle some of our greatest health challenges. In particular, it will provide an opportunity to think about how lessons learned from the HIV response can be adapted to other pressing health issues; how global health research in other areas might inform the changing HIV response; and more generally, how sociological insight constitutes a key tool in promoting the use of science in evidence-based health policy and practice.

Call for Submissions: Abstracts for papers should be linked to one of four key themes that panels will explore:

  • Politics, Power and Global Health: exploring the tensions between policies, organizations, institutions and the local realities of health or illness;
  • Health Inequities and the Consequences of Social Suffering: examining the lived experience of illness on individuals and communities;
  • Science, Technologies and Bodies of Global Health: exploring the role of STS in global health and the production of health knowledge in global spaces;
  • Health Activism and the Pursuit of Social Justice: engaging as scholar activists and understanding the intended and unintended consequences of social action.

Abstracts should contain the following information in the following form:

  • Title
  • Theme: (please select the theme above that most closely fits the paper or say ‘other’ if you can’t find a good fit)
  • Contact details: (author/s, affiliation, and e-mail address)
  • Abstract: (no more than 300 words)

All abstracts should be sent to: Brooke S. West at

The deadline for sending abstracts is Friday, December 14, 2018.

The preconference committee will inform successful applicants by Friday, December 21, 2018.

Note: The preconference proposal with all confirmed participants will be submitted for ASA Program Committee approval by January 9th(submission system closing date).

Pre-conference Organizing Committee:

Brooke West, Columbia University

Joseph Harris, Boston University

Nicole Angotti, American University

Sam Friedman, NDRI

Sanyu Mojola, Princeton University

Shiri Noy, Denison University

Tasleem Padamsee, Ohio State University

Rachel Sullivan Robinson, American University

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2019 Sociology of Development Section Awards

The Sociology of Development section of the American Sociological Association invites nominations for three awards recognizing outstanding scholarship in the area of the sociology of development: Book Award, Faculty Article Award, and Graduate Student Paper Award.

 >>Sociology of Development Section Book Award<<

All books published in 2017 or 2018 are eligible. A brief letter of nomination (self-nominations are welcome) and a copy of the nominated book should be sent to EACH of the committee members listed below by March 1, 2019. In accordance with ASA policy, all award nominees must be current members of the association in order to be considered.

Chair: Victoria Reyes, UC Riverside <>

1334 Watkins Drive

University of California, Riverside

Riverside, CA 92521

 Committee Member: Erin Beck, University of Oregon <>

934 W Broadway

Eugene, OR 97402

Committee Member: Zachary Levenson, UNC Greensboro, <>

108 Berkshire St

Greensboro, NC 27403

Committee Member: Craig Van Pelt, Sandhills Community College, <>

Sandhills Community College

Van Dusen Hall 226

3395 Airport Road

Pinehurst, NC 28374

Committee Member: Marilyn Grell-Brisk, University of California, Riverside


Institute for Research on World Systems

Olmsted Hall 1218

University of California, Riverside

Riverside, CA 92521

>>Sociology of Development Section Faculty Article Award<<

Please send a letter of nomination and an electronic version of the article to EACH of the committee members listed below by March 1, 2019.  If the article has been published, the copyright date must be 2017 or 2018.  However, unpublished articles are also welcome and self-nominations are encouraged.  In accordance with ASA policy, all award nominees must be current members of the association in order to be considered.

Chair: Maggie Frye, University of Michigan, <>

Committee Member: Tim Gill, UNC Wilmington, <>

Committee Member: Steven Samford, University of Michigan, <>

Committee Member: Alessandra L. González, University of Chicago, <>

Committee Member: Firuzeh Shokooh Valle, Franklin & Marshall College <>

>>Sociology of Development Section Graduate Student Paper Award<<

Please send a letter of nomination and an electronic version of the article to EACH of the committee members listed below by March 1, 2019. If the article has been published, the copyright date must be 2017 or 2018.  However, unpublished articles are also welcome and self-nominations are encouraged. The author must be a graduate student who has not received the PhD by March 1, 2019. For co-authored papers, all authors must be graduate students. In accordance with ASA policy, all award nominees must be current members of the association in order to be considered.

Chair: Joseph A. Harris, Boston University <>

Committee Member: Joel Herrera, UCLA <>

Committee Member: Jason Mueller, UC Irvine <>

Committee Member: Rachel Sullivan Robinson, American University, <>

Committee Member: Annabel Ipsen, Colorado State University, <>

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