About the Section

There are many ways that members can become involved and help with the advancement of the Sociology of Development Section of ASA.

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The section promotes greater interaction, collaboration and mutual support among development sociologists through activities at the ASA Annual Meetings and by activities on the Web during the rest of the year. ASA Sociology of Development Section panels and receptions provide development sociologists the opportunity to present work to peers and engage in networking activities. Prizes may be offered for particularly visionary work.


Chair: Jocelyn S. Viterna, Harvard University, 2017
Chair-Elect: Jennifer Bair, University of Virginia, 2017
Past Chair: David L. Brown, Cornell University, 2017
Secretary Treasurer: Matthew R. Sanderson, Kansas State University, 2018

Section Council: Manisha Desai, University of Connecticut, 2017; Wendy Wolford, Cornell University, 2017; Erin Metz McDonnell, Notre Dame, 2018; Rina Agarwala, Johns Hopkins University, 2018; Susan Lee, Boston University, 2019; Phyllis Baker, University of Illinois, 2019

Policy Brief Editor: Brian Dill, University of Illinois
Newsletter Editors: Svetla Dimitrova and Kelly Birch Maginot, Michigan State University

Webmaster: Jennifer Keahey, Arizona State University
Facebook Master: Jeffrey Swindle, University of Michigan

  • Woman with backstrap loom; Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

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