Violence and Development

The Violence and Development Sub-Section of the Development Sociology section of the ASA unites scholars interested in the interplay between criminal violence and discourses of development in the Global South.

The Sub-Section seeks to bring together diverse scales and epistemologies of research concerned with, but not limited to, forms of criminal violence, their collective modalities, and the treatment and definition of crime by the state. It is inspired by an emergent literature and discussion on criminology in the developing world, yet entertains a broader definition of crime that references sub and supra-state dynamics, as well as the large structures and processes that underscore criminal violence (and its production) in the Global South.

As such, the sub-section seeks to bring together scholars working on, but not limited to, coercive state institutions (police, judges, prosecutors), ‘crime’ (petty crime, organized crime, non-state armed groups), criminalized groups (as defined by space, identity, gender, ses, etc.), law (informality, law ‘in’ society), as well as the production of crime statistics and policy, and empirical statistical trends (including their underlying causalities).

The objective of the sub-section is to help develop the field by serving as a hub for discussion. This includes a twitter feed, a list-serve and a periodic email digest with conference, funding, CFP and research announcements. Submissions are always welcome.

To submit details or for more info. contact the coordinator, Graham Denyer Willis: g_dw(a)

Twitter @violencedevnt

Sign up for our list-serve here.

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