Sociology of Development Syllabi


Sociology of Development Syllabus, University of Albany

Sociology of Economic Developoment Syllabus, Texas A&M University

Inequality and Development in a Globalizing World, Center for Global Development

Issues in International Development, John Hopkins University

Introduction to International Development, McGill University

Understanding Development (French), University of Ottawa

Conceptual Foundations for Development I, York University

Sociology of International Development, Dartmouth College

Sociology of Development, New College of Florida


Theories of Development, University of Bristol

Development Theory and Practice, Chulalongkorn University

Critical Thinking in Development, University of Colorado

Development Theories/Strategies, University of Illinois

Theories of Development (French), University of Montreal

Theories of Development, Queens University


Research Methods in Development Studies, Chulalongkorn University

Anthropological Perspectives

Anthropology and Development (French)

Religion and Development, McGill University

Gender and Development

Women and Development (French), University of Quebec, Montreal

Women, Development, and Globalization (French), University of Ottawa

Political Perspectives

Politics of Foreign Aid, University of Ottawa

The Political Economy of International Development, Cornell University

Politics of Development, Davidson

The Politics of Underdevelopment and Development, University of Guelph

International Development: Policy and Practice, Kennesaw State University

Institutional Perspective

Institutions, Governance, and International Development, New York University

Development and Environment

Sociology of Environment and Development, University of Alberta

Latin America

Latin American Development, University of British Columbia

Research Seminar International Development Studies: Race, Ethnicity and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (McGill University)

Latin American Development, York University

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