New Issue of Sociology of Development

Hello, we are pleased to let you know that the new issue of the journal (Vol. 3 No. 2, Summer 2017) is now out and available HERE.

The Table of Contents for the issue is below.

Sociology of Development, Table of Contents, Vol. 3 No. 2, Summer 2017

“Double Movement in Hybrid Governance: Contestations in Market-oriented Agricultural Development”
Kristal Jones, Daniel Tobin, J. Dara Bloom
(pp. 95-115) DOI: 10.1525/sod.2017.3.2.95

“Tracing Microfinancial Value Chains: Beyond the Impasse of Debt and Development”
Erin Beck, Smitha Radhakrishnan
(pp. 116-142) DOI: 10.1525/sod.2017.3.2.116

“The Promise and Perils of Market-based Sustainability”
Jennifer Keahey, Douglas L. Murray
(pp. 143-162) DOI: 10.1525/sod.2017.3.2.143

“The Capitalist World-economy in the Longue Durée: Changing Modes of the Global Distribution of Wealth, 1500–2008”
Şahan Savaş Karataşlı
(pp. 163-196) DOI: 10.1525/sod.2017.3.2.163

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