New Development Sociology Policy Brief Series: Sociological Insights for Development Policy

Our section is very pleased to announce the formal launch of our new policy brief series: Sociological Insights for Development Policy. The purpose of the series is not only to raise awareness of the thought-provoking research being done by members of our section, but also to strengthen engagement between scholars, policy makers and development practitioners. Our long-term aim is to enhance sociology’s impact on development discourse and practice throughout the world.  For more information about the Sociological Insights for Development Policy series, or if you would like to contribute a brief, please contact Brian Dill at

Sociological Insights for Development Policy

Volume 1: 

Issue 1: “In Defense of Microcredit Over Cash Transfers,” by Paromita Sanyal, Florida State University

Issue 2: “Making Medicines in East Africa: Foreign Aid in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS and for Local Industrialization,” by Nitsan Chorev, Brown University

Issue 3: “Development Sociology in Impact Evaluations,” by Shruti Majumdar, World Bank

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