Final Call for Submissions to the Fall/Winter Edition of Sectors

This is the final call for submissions to the Fall/Winter edition of Sectors! If you’d like to include any breaking news (see list below), please email the pertinent information to by Monday, December 6th: 

  • New books (please send an image of the cover, a citation, and a short abstract)
  • New journal publications, book chapters, and policy publications (please send a full citation, using the ASA Style Guide)
  • News of completed dissertations, research grants and awards, and/or new positions and promotions
  • Links to “public sociology” pieces written by development sociologists or research by section members mentioned in the news
  • Other relevant announcements

The Fall/Winter edition of Sectors is due out shortly, so keep your eyes out for that.


Co-editors Preethi Krishnan, Leslie MacColman, and Mushahid Hussain

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