Purchase a Gift ASA Membership for a Student or Colleague!

Please note that Friday, July 31 is the last day to purchase a gift ASA membership for a student or a colleague.

Currently, SOC DEV membership is 419, with 22 low-income country members, 121 student members, and 276 regular members.

The good news is that our membership has remained robust despite the pandemic, and we will qualify for the same number of sessions for the 2021 ASA meeting that we have previously enjoyed. However, our membership has slightly decreased. In particular, I would like to see greater representation from low-income countries and the student cohort.

If you are able to support our colleagues and section by purchasing gift memberships, please do so before the end of this week. Also, if you are in a department that has a group ASA membership then you can request free membership for the new graduate students in your program.

Here are the ASA instructions for purchasing gift memberships:


I. Instructions for Gift Memberships

Gift Memberships – July 31

ASA members can gift an ASA membership for students or a section membership for existing ASA members of any membership type by logging into https://asa.enoah.com. The earlier you give a gift membership, the longer the member has to enjoy the benefits of membership and learn more about the section.

To purchase a gift ASA membership for students
Once you have accessed the member portal, please click “Purchase a gift membership for a student” under Contribute/Give. Students can be searched by name through the online member database. A new contact record can be created by the member making the gift if the student is not found in the database.

Your gift will be redeemable by the recipient for an ASA student membership. Your gift recipient will receive the gift credit via email immediately after your purchase. Please note that gift recipients will need to complete a membership form through the ASA member portal in order to redeem the gift membership. Gift memberships are not refundable if unredeemed within 30 days of purchase. Gift memberships are not tax deductible.

The deadline for a 2020 gift ASA membership for students is July 31, 2020.

To purchase a gift section membership for a student or a colleague
Once you have accessed the member portal, please click “Purchase a gift section membership” under Contribute/Give.

Select the section and search for your recipient by first and last name. Section membership requires 2020 ASA membership. Only 2020 ASA members who do not already have a membership in that section are eligible to receive a gift. Your recipient will receive an email immediately after your payment with notification of the section gift. Your name will be included in this message. If the recipient declines the gift within 30 days of receipt, you will receive a refund by mail. Please note that section gift recipients do not need to take any action to redeem gift section membership. Gifts are not tax deductible.

The deadline for a 2020 gift section membership is July 31, 2020.

II. Instructions for Departments with ASA membership to Give New Students an ASA membership

It’s not too late for your 2019-2020 first-year graduate students to become 2020 ASA members at no cost. This is exclusive benefit for ASA Department Affiliates will give your first-year students all the same benefits as other ASA student members.

To give your 2019-2020 first-year graduate students access to this benefit:

1.    Log in to the ASA website with your department’s ID and password.

2.    Under the Graduate Department Resources heading, click the link that says “Activate free ASA membership for your first-year graduate students.”

3.    List the names and contact information for students who entered your program in 2019-2020. The students will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their free membership for 2020. 

4.    Follow-up with your students to encourage them to redeem their membership.

When your department renews its affiliate membership for 2020-2021, your incoming first-year students will have access to this benefit for 2021. For now, don’t leave your 2019-2020 students behind. Help them connect with leading sociologists and develop their professional skills—submit their names today.

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