Volunteers Needed! Sociology of Development Roundtable Presiders

Please see the important message below from Fauzia Ahmed, our Roundtable organizer! If you would like to volunteer, please contact Fauzia at ahmedfe@miamioh.edu by March 13!

As the Round Table Sessions organizer for our section, I am writing to ask you for immediate assistance: I need volunteers to act a presiders for tables 3-8 ( see below). In essence, a presider keeps time ensuring that all presenters get a certain amount of time to present their papers and then leaves room for discussion. This role therefore, does not require expertise in any particular arena.

I have had a very difficult time finding presiders- perhaps due to the policy that limits people to two appearances on the program. (Non-presenting co-author and session organizer do not count towards that policy.) I cannot submit tables without a presider. Michelle Randall has graciously extended the deadline to March 13.

For the sake of the section, I urge you to volunteer, so that we can have  Round Table sessions at ASA this year. I would be grateful if you would  let me know immediately if you can serve.

May I take this opportunity to thank Jennifer Keahey and Joe Harris for all their support.

All best wishes


Table 1.  Health and Human Rights, Presider Joe Harris

Table 2.  Gender and Development, Presider Fauzia Ahmed

Table 3.  World Systems and Populism

Table 4.  Agriculture and Energy 

Table 5.  Globalization and Resistance

Table 6.  Developmental State 

Table 7.  Market-based Development

Table 8.  Social and Human Capital 

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