ASA Annual Meeting Sessions

The ASA submission deadline is right around the corner (January 29, 2020 at 11:59pm EST)! Please consider submitting your work to one of our Sociology of Development Sessions or related Regular Sessions.  See below for details!

Food and Agriculture in Development

Session Organizer and Presider: Yetkin Borlu, University of Richmond

This panel will examine current themes in food and agriculture with dual focus on conventional and alternative approaches to development. In addition to studying production/trade systems and movements, the papers on this panel may probe the convergence of agroecology and development sociology or explore issues ranging from land and labor rights to food justice and sustainability.

Global South Perspectives on Development

Session Organizer and Presider: Devparna Roy, Nazareth College of Rochester

The papers on this panel will clarify Global South contributions to development sociology by interrogating the intersection of modernity/coloniality with globalization and development, unpacking development epistemologies and ontologies, engaging Global South methods for research and practice, and advancing Global South theories of development and social change.

Open Panel on Sociology of Development

Session Organizer and Presider: Sam Cohn, Texas A&M University

In accordance with Section tradition, this panel will connect the wide-ranging discourse on development sociology to improve understanding of the field as a whole. All studies on development are welcome, regardless of theoretical orientation, methodological preference, region of study, or historical period of study.

Populism, Democracy, and Development

Session Organizer and Presider: Jennifer Keahey, Arizona State University

Nations around the world are experiencing a wave of authoritarian populism. At the same time, democratic populism and pro-democracy movements are challenging authoritarian states and impulses. The papers on this panel will investigate these tensions in a variety of ways and at various levels of analysis to consider implications for development.

Sociology of Development Roundtable Session

Session Organizer: Fauzia Ahmed, Miami University, Ohio

Regular Session on Development

Session Organizer: Michael Levien, Johns Hopkins University

Regular Session on Development and Gender

Session Organizer: Manisha Desai, University of Connecticut

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