In the News!

Dear development sociologists,

I want to share some exciting news with you: As you know, the Sociology of Development section sponsors a policy brief series called Sociological Insights for Development Policy. This is an important vehicle for the section to raise awareness of the important work being done by our members, and to promote engagement between scholars, policy makers, development practitioners, and the public at large. Recently, we received some really positive feedback on the series from the director of the communications office at ASA. In fact, Sociological Insights for Development Policy is currently being featured on the ASA’s main homepage in the “In The News Section.” Check it out here:

Thanks to all who have contributed their expertise to make the Policy Brief series a success. In addition, I’d like to offer a special thanks to Brian Dill for his work on the series, and to Victoria Reyes for getting the ball rolling with the ASA outreach folks.

Onwards and upwards!


Jennifer Bair
Associate Professor & Associate Chair
Department of Sociology
University of Virginia

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