Renew Section Membership

We are working hard to make sure you get the maximum benefits from your section membership.  It looks like it will be another productive year in the upward trajectory of the section!  Please be a part of the group and the movement!

Two important requests:

1. Please renew your membership in the section for 2018.

Important: ASA will remove expired members from the listserv at the end of January.

Log into the member portal:

Navigate to the “Join/Renew” heading.  Make sure to select “Sociology of Development” when you are picking your section memberships!

2. Please consider gifting a membership for your students – it’s easy and is a huge benefit to the section.

Log into the member portal:

Click “Purchase a gift membership for a student” under the Contribute/Give heading.

Students can be searched by name through the online member database. A new contact record can be created by the member if the student is not found in the database.

Thanks, and here’s to a great 2018!

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