New Issue of Sociology of Development

The new issue of Sociology of Development is now live. The table of contents is below. Four very interesting papers!

Sociology of Development
Vol. 3 No. 4, Winter 2017
Link to issue:

Table of Contents 

“Globalization, Gender, and Development: Toward a Theoretical Understanding of Public Gender-Based Violence against Women and Girls”
By Phyllis L. Baker, Kevin T. Leicht
(pp. 323-345) DOI: 10.1525/sod.2017.3.4.323 

“The Gender of Joiners: A Global Perspective on Gender, Development, Inequality, and Membership in Voluntary Associations”
By Yvette Young, Claudia Geist
(pp. 346-376) DOI: 10.1525/sod.2017.3.4.346 

“Whither the Middle Class? Financialization, Labor Institutions, and the Gap between Top- and Middle-Income Earners in Advanced Industrial Societies”
By Roy Kwon, Anthony Roberts, Karissa Zingula
(pp. 377-402) DOI: 10.1525/sod.2017.3.4.377 

“World Society, World Polity, and the Carbon Intensity of Well-Being, 1990–2011”
By Jennifer E. Givens
(pp. 403-435) DOI: 10.1525/sod.2017.3.4.403

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