Development in the Face of Global Inequalities

Dear all,
Last May the conference ‘Development in the Face of Global Inequalities‘, co-organized by our section, brought together scholars from multiple disciplines, and across the Global South and North, to Barcelona. Over the course of the 3 days, we saw over 120 researchers and scholars participate in 40 panels, with our 6 keynote speakers delivering some great lectures on important themes, such as land rights in rural Africa, urban citizenship in India and the changing global economic landscape, to name a few.
This week, we are launching our website – in partnership with democraciaAbierta (openDemocracy) – to showcase many of the ideas that came out of the conference. On the website you can find:
  • Conversations with the keynote speakers
  • Interactive roundtables on inequality and sustainable development
  • Videos from the conference
To further communicate these ideas to the wider community of students, researchers and policy-makers, we kindly ask that you help us distribute any of the content that you enjoy among your networks:
We also hope that the interactive roundtables serve as useful teaching tools. These have been designed to help users explore some of the most pressing issues  surrounding inequality and sustainable development, and also provide clear examples.
Matthias vom Hau, Fulya Apaydin, Sam Cohn & Brian Dill
(in the name of the conference organizing committee)

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