Message from Section Chair

Dear Development Sociologists,

I’m delighted to be sending my first email as section chair, and even more delighted to be able to share with you some terrific news: As you may know, the ASA conducts its annual section census on September 30, meaning the number of members you have on that date is the official section count used to determine how many sessions you get in next year’s annual program. We are guaranteed three regular paper sessions as long as we have at least 400 members. As September 30 approaches, not only are we once again safely above that number, but for the first time ever we have exceeded 500 members! Congratulations to everyone, especially to the section’s past officers. This is a terrific milestone and we should celebrate it. But, since we eventually want to climb to 600 members and get that additional ASA session, please keep up your recruiting efforts!

I have a few other pieces of business: 1) call for 2018 ASA meeting session proposals; and 2) call for proposals for the 2019 development sociology conference.

1.       Call for ASA Session Proposals:

I would like to invite the membership to provide input regarding our section’s 2018 ASA program. The overall conference theme of the  meeting will be “Feeling Race: An Invitation to Explore Racialized Emotions.” We have three regular paper sessions, plus the session designated for the roundtable and business meeting. What themes and topics do you want to see on the program? I welcome both informal suggestions and more formal proposals; the latter should include proposed title, short abstract, and your willingness to organize your proposed session (not a prerequisite). My hope is that there will be some overlap or synergies between the proposals/suggestions I receive. The ASA program deadline is looming, so please get these to me as soon as possible (like before October 12)!

2.       Call for Proposals: Sociology of Development Section Conference

Believe it or not, it’s time for us to start thinking about the 2019 Sociology of Development section conference. If your institution is interested in hosting this fabulous event, please send a short (2-5 page, single spaced) proposal that includes the following information to Matthew Sanderson ( before December 31, 2017: a) Proposed Organizers; b) Proposed Dates; c) Location and venue: Description of facilities and interesting development-related aspects of the location; d) Sponsoring organization(s); e) Proposed Theme and format; and, f) Resources (please indicate what resources, if any, you already have secured—e.g. organizational support, facilities, financial commitments, etc. Contact Matthew Sanderson, secretary-treasurer, with any questions: mattrs@ksu.eduThanks, everyone, for helping us break the 500 member mark, which is a real accomplishment. Onwards and upwards!Jennifer Bair

Associate Professor & Associate Chair
Department of Sociology, University of Virginia

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