Special Edition of SOD

Samuel Cohn is going to be guest editing a special volume of Sociology of Development.
The theme is Coerced Capitalism.
It covers the use of coercion, involuntary participation and physical force as integral parts of the development process.
I am looking for papers on all sorts of different types of coercion –
including but not limited to:
Organized Crime and Development
Forced Proletarianization and Development
Land Seizure
Paramilitaries, Death Squads and Development
Exploitation and Development
Coercion Via Debt Enforcement
Unfree Labor in Any of its Forms or Settings
Warlords, Warfare and Violent Control of Resources
Violent Forms of Racial or Ethnic Domination in Development
The above list is not exhaustive.
If you have something that you think might be good,
and you want to “test the waters first”
call Sam Cohn (979-845-0814) or email him at s-cohn@tamu.edu
and we can discuss whether in principle your paper would fit the volume.
All essays will be peer reviewed using procedures similar to those used for normal editions of Sociology of Development.
We will take submissions up to the time the volume gets “filled”.
This could be a really interesting edition, 
and SOD would love to see your work in it.

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