Call for Student Volunteers

SIGPHEI is a branch of the ASA DEVSOC section oriented towards increasing the job prospects of Development Sociologists.
We are on a project to create a labor exchange – where deans and heads of interdisciplinary programs in such areas as Globalization, International Studies and Area Studies can find out about the great Development Sociology candidates that are out there.
Right now – International and Global programs are looking for people who are NOT the same old political scientists and economists they always hire.
They don’t know where to go for those people – so they end up going back to the same reliable poli sci and econ sources.
If they could get information on the rest of the people who are out there – they would LOVE to diversify.
This could conceivably double the market for development sociology graduate students –
But we need help from Development Sociology Graduate students to make this work!
We need some development sociology graduate students THIS semester to help volunteer for the project of
a) working out the technical details
b) getting a proposal written up
c) getting all the approvals we would need to make this a reality
We already have three good faculty on our project team.
A couple of good graduate students and we would be ready to roll.
* * *

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