Call for Proposals

Guest Editor for special issue of Sociological Perspectives on Environmental Sociology

We are seeking a guest editor for a Special Issue addressing current research within the field of environmental sociology. As a general sociology journal, Sociological Perspectives publishes original empirical research representing a variety of sociological theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. Sociological Perspectives (SP) is the official journal of the Pacific Sociological Association (PSA), which sees itself as a leader in promoting sociological inquiry into environmental issues. A special issue on environmental sociology is a way to highlight PSA’s commitment to environmental sociology and to identify, to the sociological community.

Selection of the chosen proposal will be the outcome of a collaborative evaluation by SP Co-Editors according to the following criteria:

• Suitability of the topic for an Environmental Sociology special issue. For example: broad enough to attract a

reasonable number of submissions and be of interest to SP readers

• Coherent and strong focus on topic of high current interest

• Originality and significance of contribution to the field

Proposals for a Special Issue should include:

• The name(s) and address(es) of the corresponding guest editor(s) along with CV(s);

• A suggested title for the Special Issue

• A 400 to 500 – word rationale explaining the scope and significance of the proposed topic

• Potential contributors (all submissions will be subjected to the normal peer review process)

Deadline: Proposals should be submitted to the Editorial Office by October 16, 2017.

Guest Editor Information: Guest Editor(s) will be largely responsible (with some support and collaboration from the Editorial Office) for the process of peer-review and manuscript processing, including issuing a call-for- papers, inviting reviewers, writing an introductory article, and approval of selected manuscripts.

Timeline: the following is a tentative timeline for the Environmental Sociology Special Issue

• July 2017 – Call for proposals

• October 2017 – Proposals due

• November 2017 – Proposal/Guest Editor(s) chosen

• April 2019 – Review process finished and materials sent to Publisher

• June 2019 – Special Issue published

For further details and clarifications, please contact the managing editor, Elizabeth Winders,

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