Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals for a volume on Gender and the Media
Advances in Gender Research 26
Edited by Marcia Texler Segal and Vasilikie Demos
Submission of Abstract for Consideration by October 15, 2017
Completed Draft due by April 1, 2018
Publication Date: Late Fall 2018/Early Winter 2019
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

This is a call for submissions in the form of extended abstracts or paper drafts to be considered for a volume in the AGR book series focusing on gender and the media. We take a broad approach and welcome a range of papers that may relate to any and all print, electronic, visual or audio media and various genre within them.
Submissions must be at least 500 words and include details about the research question, theory, methods, and any findings. Specific topics of interest include ways in which women, men or gender are portrayed in various media, representation of dominant and marginalized groups in the media, influence of the media on ideas about gender, gender in the production and consumption of media, gender-related or gender-specific subject matter in the media, methods and theories for researching gender in the media, gender and media for children and youth, feminism and the media, and historical or comparative perspectives on any of these.
Papers that use an intersectional approach and those that have stated policy implications are especially welcome.  We welcome submissions from all countries and regions, but papers must be in English and all work must be submitted as a Word document. Both qualitative and quantitative submissions are welcome.  The editors will base their decision to publish submitters’ papers on review by the AGR editorial board.  Submitters will be informed of the editors’ decision by the end of November. Extended abstracts, drafts of a paper and inquiries should be sent to both and​

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