Message from Section Chair

Dear Development Sociologists, I’m delighted to be sending my first email as section chair, and even more delighted to be able to share with you some terrific news: As you may know, the ASA conducts its annual section census on September 30, meaning the number of members you have on that date is the official section count used to determine how many sessions you get … Continue reading Message from Section Chair

CFP: ISA Development Sociology Deadline

Don’t fall asleep on the International Sociology Association Development Sociology Deadline! RC-09 is the ISA Development Sociology section and they run great great meetings! The ISA meetings are in Toronto July 15-21. The deadline for a submission is September 30. You DO NOT need a full and complete paper. Just an abstract. Acceptance rates are high. (Not 100% and not always in the exact session … Continue reading CFP: ISA Development Sociology Deadline

Call for Papers: Sustainability

Special Issue of Sustainability: “Community, Natural Resources, and Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary and International Dialogue.” Natural resource-based communities (communities with intimate ties to natural resources) are uniquely situated in the intersection of human society and the environment. Community related theories and approaches have been increasingly employed by researchers from a range of disciplines to study natural resource use and management in both developing and developed country … Continue reading Call for Papers: Sustainability

Call for Section Newsletter Co-Editor

CFA—Sectors Editor We are seeking a new co-editor of our section newsletter, Sectors. This is a great opportunity for a junior scholar to become involved with the section and network with other individuals in our subfield. The newsletter is published semi-annually (in the fall and spring semesters) and includes Council and section news, feature stories, calls for papers and other opportunities in the field, and … Continue reading Call for Section Newsletter Co-Editor

Special Edition of SOD

Samuel Cohn is going to be guest editing a special volume of Sociology of Development. The theme is Coerced Capitalism. It covers the use of coercion, involuntary participation and physical force as integral parts of the development process. I am looking for papers on all sorts of different types of coercion – including but not limited to: Organized Crime and Development Forced Proletarianization and Development … Continue reading Special Edition of SOD

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Gendered Perspectives on International Development (GPID) Working Papers Michigan State University invites the submission of article-length manuscripts (6,000 – 9,000 words) for peer review and publication in our GPID Working Papers series. We seek materials at a late stage of formulation that contribute new understandings of women and men’s roles and relations amidst social, economic, and political change in the developing world. … Continue reading Call for Papers

Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals for a volume on Gender and the Media Advances in Gender Research 26 Edited by Marcia Texler Segal and Vasilikie Demos Submission of Abstract for Consideration by October 15, 2017 Completed Draft due by April 1, 2018 Publication Date: Late Fall 2018/Early Winter 2019 Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing This is a call for submissions in the form of extended abstracts or paper … Continue reading Call for Proposals

CFP: Global Climate Crisis

The Global Climate Crisis and the Climate and Social Justice Movements for a Just Transition John Foran CFP for ISA 2018 in Toronto In December 2015, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change convened in Paris to finalize a global climate treaty.  The resulting “Paris Agreement” is inadequate to the task of addressing the unprecedented global climate crisis, based as it is on non-binding voluntary … Continue reading CFP: Global Climate Crisis

Call for Papers

This is a call for papers for a special issue of UNCTAD’s peer-reviewed journal, Transnational Corporation. Multinational enterprises in the agricultural and extractive sectors are increasingly adopting voluntary guidelines for economic, social, and environmental responsibility along their supply chains, but these initiatives have moved slowly and unevenly to address gender inequities and inequalities in the communities where they operate. We have been invited by UNCTAD to guest edit a … Continue reading Call for Papers

Call for Student Volunteers

SIGPHEI is a branch of the ASA DEVSOC section oriented towards increasing the job prospects of Development Sociologists. We are on a project to create a labor exchange – where deans and heads of interdisciplinary programs in such areas as Globalization, International Studies and Area Studies can find out about the great Development Sociology candidates that are out there. Right now – International and Global … Continue reading Call for Student Volunteers