Sociology of Development Conference

The upcoming Annual Sociology of Development Conference, Disparities in Development will be held on October 5-7, 2017, at Wayne State University. This promises to be an engaging and productive event, with 6 keynote talks, 130 presentations, two mentoring workshops, and a closing Plenary on Development in the Global North, focusing on development issues confronting the city of Detroit.  In addition, we will be offering “sociological” tours … Continue reading Sociology of Development Conference

New Book on Social Change

Social Changes in a Global World Ulrike Schuerkens — Université Rennes 2 Renowned author Ulrike Schuerkens presents an in-depth exploration of social transformations and developments. Combining an international approach with up-to-date research, the book: (1) has dedicated chapters on contemporary topics including technology, new media, war and terror, political culture and inequality; (2) includes an analysis of societal structures – inequality, globalization, transnationalism; (3) contains … Continue reading New Book on Social Change

CFP: Special Issue of Social Sciences

Dear Colleagues, I am editing a special issue of Social Sciences.  The issue will highlight cutting edge research that examines empirical linkages at the intersection of population dynamics, development, and environment in a context of climate change. Ever since Ehrlich and Holdren proposed the IPAT model in the early 1970s, social scientists have sought to provide elaborations and evaluate the evidence against their model. However, … Continue reading CFP: Special Issue of Social Sciences

New Policy Brief!

Dear Development Sociology Colleagues, The Policy Brief Committee is pleased to announce the publication of another brief in our ”Sociological Insights for Development Policy” series.  This month our colleagues Katy Fallon, Alissa Mazar and Liam Swiss discuss the impacts of maternity leave policies – in terms of women’s labor force participation, fertility, and infant/child mortality – in developing countries. Best, Brian Dill Associate Professor of … Continue reading New Policy Brief!