New Listserv Community

Would you like to hear more about what USAID is doing related to democracy, human rights, and governance in international development? Would you like your own research to have more of an influence on international development programs? If so, we invite you to sign up for a new listserv community here.

The Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (the DRG Center) at USAID is engaged in a concerted effort to generate and promote sound evidence in the DRG field. The DRG Center is located in Washington, DC and is the hub of USAID’s global development work in the sector. The DRG Center:

• Supports over 80 USAID missions worldwide by conducting sector assessments, providing input on long-term strategies for the DRG sector, designing innovative programs that address DRG development challenges, and evaluating the success of DRG programs.

• Sponsors cutting-edge research in the sector to inform DRG program design.

• Manages funding mechanisms through which DRG programming is implemented worldwide.

• Provides technical assistance and expertise during periods of crisis or opportunity.

The Learning Division of the DRG Center is made of up scholars and international development experts with an interest in using evidence to improve development outcomes. The Learning Division is establishing a new email community ( to strengthen connections with the scholarly community, to communicate the results of DRG-related research and evaluation activities funded by USAID, and to occasionally solicit community members’ publications and input on a specific topic. You are invited to join the list and to circulate this invitation to any colleagues who might be interested.

Who this is for: Membership in the DRG Learning list is open to scholars, researchers, evaluators, development practitioners, and policy analysts of all scholarly backgrounds and disciplines.

What it will be like: A one-way (DRG Learning -> members) communication system with traffic of approximately one email per month. Users who sign up with anything other than a Gmail account will not be able to manage their subscription online, but with such low traffic this should not be a problem. Replies to the list will not be accepted and members of the list will not be able to send email to the list (you will not be spammed). Typical emails to the list might include:

• a quarterly newsletter reporting on Learning Division activities

• summary findings from USAID-sponsored impact evaluations

• announcements of new publicly available USAID-funded research and evaluation reports in the DRG sector

• requests for proposals for USAID-funded research grants

• targeted requests for list members to share their scholarly publications with us so we can incorporate the latest research in communications to USAID staff designing programs in the field.

How to join: We ask that you fill out a brief profile for our information and so that we can target requests for scholars to share their research publications with us on specific topics. Once you have filled out the profile, you will be added to our mailing list. The form can be found here.

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