Sociology of Development Journal

The Sociology of Development journal was created through the efforts of this section’s members with the specific purpose of increasing the publication outlets available to development scholars in sociology, and to increase the presence of sociologists in national and international debates about development.  To make sure this resource is as valuable as possible to our membership, we need YOU to support the Sociology of Development journal in the following ways:
1.  Cite the excellent articles published in the journal!  The more we cite the journal, the higher will be its impact factor, and the greater weight it will carry.  This is not only important for ensuring that a sociological perspective is included in larger development debates, but it also supports our young scholars on the job market and seeking tenure by ensuring that their publications are given the recognition they deserve in a high impact journal.  Here is the journal’s website:
2.  Submit your own cutting edge research!  We want to make this journal THE place to go for top development research on a diverse variety of development topics, so we need you to send your best research here.  This is true for all scholars, but especially for our established senior scholars, who have a bit more flexibility in where to place their articles.
3. Encourage your institution’s library to subscribe to the journal, if they haven’t already. And if you have any other ideas about how to increase the visibility of the journal, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  


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