Announcements: Special Issue of Socio-Economic Review and Jobs

First, please see the “call for proposals” and associated attachments for Special Issues of Socio-Economic Review.

Second, some ASA job announcements.

(Link is to the PDF flyer/Call for Proposals)
Dear SER Editorial Board members,

Please see the “call for proposals” related to topics for Special Issues during 2016 and 2017.  We are trying to move to a longer lead time for the special issue process, so we are also considering topics now for 2017.  Please feel free to submit proposals, or pass this on to people in your home universities or relevant professional associations outside of SASE.

I look forward to seeing the results! 


Professor Dr. Gregory Jackson
Department of Management

Freie Universität Berlin


Job ID: 10382
Institution: Davidson College
Department: Department of Sociology
Title: Assistant Professor of Sociology
Position/Rank: Academic Positions: Assistant Professor
Areas/Special Programs: Qualitative Methodology , Theory

Job ID: 10387
Institution: University of Chicago
Department: School of Social Service Administration
Title: Assistant Professor – Professor
Position/Rank: Academic Positions: Assistant Professor, Academic Positions: Associate Professor, Academic Positions: Full Professor
Areas/Special Programs: Social Welfare/Social Work , Organizations, Formal and Complex

Job ID: 10385
Institution: Harvard University
Department: Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
Title: William Lyon Mackenzie King Postdoctoral Fellowship
Position/Rank: Fellowships/Post-docs: Post-doctoral
Areas/Special Programs: Open

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