Call for Papers: Searching for sustainable alternative economies in the 21st century: cases and prospects

Searching for sustainable alternative economies in the 21st century: cases and prospects 

Session Organizer: Michelle F. Hsieh, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan 


Session Description: 

This is a call for papers that study the kinds of initiatives for sustainable economic activities that attempt to remedy problems resulting from the endless-growth driven capitalist economies (e.g. increasing inequality, environmental degradation, over- concentration of corporate power etc.). Sustainable development is usually associated with envisioning viable post-globalization economic systems that emphasize sustainability and social equity and often involve multiple contestations and pluralist forms of institutional design. Various terms have been applied to these alternative initiatives that differentiate them from profit- driven capitalist economies, such as social economies, social innovations, sustainable development or alternative globalization. Empirically, there have been a growing number of studies on these social experiments and alternative practices, with examples ranging from varieties of green economy initiatives and fair trade to co-operatives and various othe! r socialeconomic practices. A common thrust among these alternatives is that they address collective human needs and are not subject to the endless-growth driven logic of market economies. But what are the trade-offs, possible tensions and contradictions of these alternatives vis-à-vis the current market economy? 

This session aims to address the working mechanisms, governance structure and organizing principles of these on-going social experiments or initiatives, the social conditions for their success or failure and their limitations. The purpose is to identify mechanisms for change, viabilities for alternative economies, their relationship with the world economy and prospects for transforming global capitalism. It invites empirical works on these alternative economies at the local, regional or national levels that examine how they can be articulated in relation to market economies. It calls for case studies from both developed and developing countries, but special attention will be given to responses from non-core countries, especially cases from East Asia (though not limited to there). 

Here is what you need to do by September 30, at the very latest.

Go to this link: 


Next, choose the Research Committees button and then RC02, and follow the links to the session.

Follow the online submission instructions, and be sure to submit the title of your paper and the abstract, plus your contact information.

Again, the firm deadline for this is September 30.

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