Sociology of Development Events at the ASA Annual Conference

Sessions Sponsored by Sociology of Development (August 10).  To help with your scheduling, I’ve listed the sessions sponsored by the section (scroll down for a listing of our sessions).  August 10th (Saturday) – the opening day of the ASA– is our day.  In addition to several sessions (Gender and Development, Institutions and Development, and Population and Development), our roundtables are scheduled for 8:30 – 9:30 AM. 


Sociology of Development Business Meeting (August 10).   The section’s business meeting will begin at 9:30 AM (in the same room as the roundtables).  This meeting will provide an open forum to discuss the section’s goals, organization and activities.  This meeting will also provide an opportunity for you to make suggestions for session topics at the 2014 meeting.  If you’d like to become more involved in section governance, this session affords an opportunity to learn about the section’s committee and initiatives.  Please attend and share your views. 


Miniconference: Power and Justice in the Contemporary World-Economy (August 9).  When making your travel plans, please make arrangements to arrive in time for the miniconference we are co-sponsoring.  Having our sessions and business meeting on the first day of ASA meshes perfectly with this miniconference.  By arriving a day early (August 9th) you’ll be to attend.  This miniconference ( is being organized by Political Economy of the World System (PEWS); we are cosponsoring along with Collective Behavior and Social Movements and Human Rights.   If you haven’t registered already, please do so.  And, if you don’t register in advance, you can always come on the day of the miniconference.  If you visit the conference web-site, you’ll find that development figures prominently in the program (   Equally important, this miniconference encourages dialogue between development scholars and colleagues contributing to (in and out of academia) to political economy, world systems, social movements, human rights and collective behavior.


Sociology of Development Reception (August 10):  Our reception is being coordinated with the sections involved with the miniconference (Political Economy of the World System (PEWS), Collective Behavior and Social Movements and Human Rights).  It is scheduled for 7:00 PM (Saturday, August 10) at: Bombay Palace (30 West 52nd Street [NYC],


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