Miniconference on Power and Justice in the Contemporary World-Economy (NYC, Aug 9, 2013)

Sociology of Development is co-sponsoring the mini-conference.  Please take note of the opportunities to participate:


Miniconference on Power and Justice in the Contemporary World-Economy (NYC, Aug 9, 2013)


The Sociology of Development section is co-sponsoring a one day miniconference: “Power and Justice in the Contemporary World-Economy.”  The event will take place on August 9, 2013 (the day before the ASA begins) in New York City.  The miniconference will cover a wide range of topics related to development, including the politics of austerity, alternatives to capitalist development, challenges in international development, civil society, food security, and the link between development and justice.


There is plenty of time and space for section members to contribute to the program. All proposals for participation related to power and justice in the world today will be considered. The event will be more than just another academic conference. It will also be an excellent opportunity for sociologists to connect and engage with non-academic representatives from social movements, think tanks, publishers, progressive lobbyists, and other civil society organizations. Presenters are encouraged to focus on policy and action rather than purely academic research.


There are three mayor ways you can participate:


(1) Attend without presenting – simply register by July 1, 2013.


(2) Participate by giving a presentation – pre-register by February 23, 2013. Presenters will be asked to present their expertise on their chosen topic, not a research paper.


(3) Propose an invited panel (a fully-staffed 90 minute panel of presenters) – contact Development Sociology Council member Matthias vom Hau (mvomhau@bei.orgas soon as possible with your ideas, but the latest by January 31, 2013.  Panels that also involve non-academic representatives are particularly encouraged.


Also contact Matthias for any other question you might have about the miniconference. More detailed information about the conference proceedings and pre-registration can be found at the mini-conference web-site (

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