Get a Cool T-Shirt…and Help Graduate Students Travel!

Hello SocDev Section Members,

In an initiative to support graduate student travel the Sociology of Development Section of ASA is now welcoming PRE-ORDERS for 2012 Sociology of Development Conference T-shirts (Pre-order online today and pick yours up in Denver beginning Thursday!)

Cost is ONLY $21.53, all proceeds help fund the travel of graduate students. And please note other donations are certainly welcome!
Please make your check payable to: ASA Sociology of Development Section.

Pre-orders can be submitted online INSTANTLY or mailed with payment, click the following link and submit (upper right hand corner of form)*p2F98-OcvR7Id*fSwZw

Pre-ordered shirts will be available for pick-up at the SOCDEV Reception in Denver and on site in Charlottesville, VA or you can choose to have them mailed directly to your door!!! Please note: Check or Cash only purchases/ donations only. Thank you for your support!

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