Development Sociology at the 2012 ASA Conference in Denver

There are a ton of very cool things going on for development sociologists!

(Being a real section with real membership means ASA gives you real respect and real events.)

There are many development related events going on in some of the other sections.

However – here are some of the high points of we are doing over in DEVSOC.


The first ever Development Sociology Reception will be co-hosted with Pews.

It is Sunday Night

Here are the details:

We will be at the

Spill Lounge at 1410 Market Street Denver CO 80202.

August 19 6:30-8:30 PM.

For the first time we can all see each other, meet each other and really get together as a community.

(and good food and good drinks don’t hurt here!)


Day 4 – Monday is Development Sociology Day at ASA.

Sadly (boo hoo) it is the last day of the conference which is sort of a graveyard day.

((We will get earlier days … in future ASA meetings)).

Still … somethings are worth waiting for and this will be worth waiting for.


8:30 The ASA DEVSOC Roundtables!

9:30 The ASA DEVSOC Official Meeting – where we give out the first ever Development Sociology Prizes for Achievement in Development Sociology

10:30 491. Section on Sociology of Development Paper Session. Rebirth of Development Sociology: New Findings, New Models.
Colorado Convention Center
Session Organizer: Jocelyn S. Viterna, Harvard University
Presider: Jocelyn S. Viterna, Harvard University

Commodity Networking for Sustainable Development: Fair Trade and South Africa’s Emerging Rooibos Tea Sector. Jennifer Anne Keahey, Colorado State University

The Role of Returnee-Entrepreneurs in Cluster Emergence: The Case of Shanghai’s Fabless Semiconductor Design. Elena Obukhova, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Reform Through Return? Migration, Health, and Development in Gujarat, India. Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College; N. Rajaram, Central University of Gujarat

Internal Wars, Taxation, and State Building. Diana Rodriguez-Franco, Northwestern University
Discussant: Jocelyn S. Viterna, Harvard University

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